Rational Rhinoplasty with Dr. Robert Guida
When meeting with Dr. Robert Guida, we knew that we wanted to highlight his artistic approach to cosmetic surgery as well as his extreme technical skill. Through the course of our interview, we discovered that he is an accomplished classical pianist. We proposed a performance by Dr. Guida as a way to illustrate a compelling story about the evolution from technical mastery to true artistry. Dr. Guida was intrigued by the story concept while insisting that he “wasn’t very good”. We took a risk by arranging to film Dr. Guida performing Gnossienne No.1 by Erik Satie (a piece that is considered quite difficult) at his home. We are certainly glad we took that risk.  The powerful visual pairing of Dr. Guida’s musical talents with his skill as a Rhinoplasty surgeon create a compelling narrative that establishes him as a unique practitioner in his field.
This film was directed and edited by Roderick Angle. It has been used to establish Dr. Guida as a viable spokesperson for his professional, helping him book appearances on The Dr. Oz Show and other television programs.

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